My City

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My City

Post by TheMaddJester on 8/28/2014, 7:04 pm

Um so the city i was building Paris i put in a warp app lina made it pending but nevermind that warp app my city is gonna like i went to where it was and like there is no sign of it ever being built so ya im kinda sad 5 days of straight working non stop gone but what evs

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Re: My City

Post by Paxination on 8/28/2014, 8:21 pm

Ok, so....fount out what happend.

The other owner....MADscientist032 (there is a reason I capped MAD in his name, read and learn) has a protected region near there. His pixel garden. Core protect, our block logging plugin, we use it at times to remove things that we made that we dont want, or messed up.

theMADjester, (did it again on purpose, bout to explain why) your town, was right on his border. He used core protect to remove some things and he uses MAD as the username for that command, when he does it on himself. (BINGO) So he ended up removing your stuff and his by mistake and didnt know it. compensate you, I have filled up your enderchest with lots of goodies. I also gave you an enderchest just before you left the game. Pls let staff know if this is sufficient enough goods to satisfy your loss and they will give you more if it isnt (WITHIN REASON).

Sorry for your loss, this is an honest mistake.

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