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Deltania - One Year Empty Deltania - One Year

Post by 2015delta on 2/12/2018, 8:50 pm

Well. Today marks the one year anniversary of Deltania being founded. That means I have been ruling as emperor for one year. It also means I have been giving people a town to join for one year. It's been a long time since then, and I (hope I) have matured. I did a fireworks display with Jodo as no one else was on, and overall today has been pretty fun. Remembering all the good times, and the bad ones. But what's important is to acknowledge the bad ones, and move on. It's what I am doing, and if any of you are having a rough time take that into consideration. I'm thinking about holding a party on Oasis on Friday, but it could be on the weekend as well. Reply to this post with your opinion, because I have no idea when you guys are free. Anyways, lets hope we have some more good times for another year, and hopefully more :D

- Delta

p.s. long live Deltania

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