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Post by jackOPSftw on 7/21/2013, 1:50 am

After getting a bit of a forum change, especially the change in quotes and what not, things are becoming tricky with forums, but if you are a forum fanatic, things are becoming easier, with all the different tab options (such as now we even have the INSERT TABLE TOOL lolwot).

The 'How to post a photo/screenshot' tutorial can be found here (Thanks to WesleyMD)

The edit button:

The edit button is a great tool to prevent you from double posting, and the prevention of spam.
Simply click the 'Edit' button in your post, to edit of course.
How to forum Screen14
The Quote Button:
The quote button is used to, simply quote someone, and add a comment to it, or simply quote it and that is that.

Singular Quoting:
Click me (Spoiler):
Just simply press the quote button...
How to forum Singul10

Singular quoting from other posts, or famous people :D
[color=#333333]Click me[/color] (Spoiler):

Firstly click this button 
How to forum Otherw10
Then select the author of a previous post, or some famous historian :P
How to forum Screen16
This then should come up after clicking 'Insert'
How to forum Screen17
And then Insert your text/paste your quote!
How to forum Screen18

MultiQuote tool (quoting more than 1 posts/people at the same time):
Click me (Spoiler):

To quote more than 1 post at a time, look at this photo
too quote linkinparkey's and 4emerson's posts, click the boxes adjacent to the left of the quote button.
How to forum Screen19
After clicking the two boxes, this should be the turnout below: The two boxes are ticked. And after this is done, click the post reply tab, at the top of the topic, or at the bottom, (shown in the photo). YOU MUST NOT CLICK THE QUOTE BUTTON, as the quote button only quotes one, and doesn't read the boxes ticked.
How to forum Edited10
The spoiler tool:
The spoiler tool is a great tool for reducing thread loading time, and of course time for you to scroll down a long piece of message.


Start off by clicking this tab shown in the photo below
How to forum 1_spoi10

And then this will pop up, enter your desired title (Usually you would say Spoiler or Spoiler alert etc.).
How to forum Screen13
After clicking the 'Insert' button, some Javascript will come up. (Shown in the next photo)

After you've done that, you simply add text between the two.
How to forum Screen15

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How to forum Empty Re: How to forum

Post by Grimtongue on 7/28/2013, 7:15 pm

Thanks for posting this! I will implement this in my posts from now on - assuming I remember to do it.
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