giant mall Review and small part maker

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giant mall Review and small part maker

Post by wedell2 on 3/14/2011, 9:42 pm

theres this decent size mall pretty good size it has a lumber yard and block stores and a bank (in progress) and many more. but surprisingly is a very nice place it has a downstairs connected to my epic fail under water base lol/ so you would go down stairs and see a roller coaster ride in one of the rooms which me Cameron and faststang made (still in progress) theres many more thing's opening it's quite exciting i'm doing most of the project while me and cam are balding usally faststang is working on the coaster. cam has done so much for me he helped me build my base and now he asked if he can connect i let him now we got a big storgae room a upstairs mall and a small down stair mall. it probably took him about 2 days to make then we spent like 10 hours straight so far making the down stairs. so i'm encouraging you guys to check out the mall if i'm on just ask me to teleport you too me and i'll show you around. sorry for such a long post i just want to show this about this awesome place that took me and cam and fast's time. we spent most of our day on this mall so we want people actually there not a ghost town place. so yes thanks again for reading this so check out the mall just talk to me about getting there and that kinda stuff.

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Re: giant mall Review and small part maker

Post by saeTan on 3/15/2011, 2:34 pm

Hi Wedell. It sounds cool, but it would be awesome if you changed your rank (in this post, not the game of course) from OPS tosomething like 'donator; custom prefix OPS.' Thanks!

Also, moved to minecraft discussion.

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