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What do you think of Utopia-ville?

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Post by swfan333 on 11/20/2010, 6:41 pm

This is my thread for Utopia-ville (Under construction(the thread that is)

I: Introduction

II: Origins

1: Goverment
1a: Citizenship
1b: Governing body
1c: Law and order (Not a refrence to the show!)

2: Building in Utopia-ville
2a: How to get your free plot
2b: How to get additional plots
2c: Goverment projects
2d: Building regulations

3: Orginization
3a: Streets
3b: City blocks
3c: Lighting
3d: Borders
3e: Special


Section I: Introduction

Hello, I am swfan333, the mayor of Utopia-ville!
You might be wondering, Utopia-ville? what a cheesy name! Well the name is somewhat cheesy on purpous (see section 4). Now back to the intro, Utopia-ville is of course a utopian society and to maintain that feel, no cobblestone or other 'rough' materials! (with some exeptions) I hope that you will put this guide to Utopia-ville to good use!

Section II: Origins of Utopia-ville

Section 1: Government

Section 1a: Citizenship

To become a citizen of Utopia-ville, you must go thru a 1 step qualification procces; ask! To become a citizen is 100% free and requires little commitment, but why become a citizen you may ask, i'll tell you why! free land! (more on free land in section 2b) and i get to update the sign that states the current population at the gate! So join in the fun today!

Section 1b: Governing body

Let me show you who has what power in Utopia-ville:

Council and Admins
Embassedors from other cities/towns
Citizens and Mods
Everyone else

Now for the list of ranked people:
Mayor: swfan333
Council: (To be formed soon)
Server Admins: ariley92 saintevan
embassedors: saintevan

And everyone else:
Citizens: InvertPanda Sinical RYNO73 (others whos names i can't remember)
Slubberdragullion riff raff: Everyone else on the server!
Players banned/exiled from the city: None at the moment

Section 1c: Law and Order

Enforcing server rules is mostly left to admins and mods, but sometimes I have to enforce the law of the land, heres a list of rules and regulations that all who are in the city must abide by:

Building within 8 meters of the city without permission from Mayor or Council
Building IN the city without permission from a Council member or Mayor
Destruction or modification of public property without Mayor's permission
Attempted murder
Killing a chicken within the city limits

Minor crimes:
Building in an area where the Mayor/Council plans to expand the city
Profanity or offencive remarks
Offensive structures
Making Dysatopian looking structures
Not following ALL building regulations in a structure
Mis-use of docks, market stalls, watchtowers, ect

The punishment for commiting a crime in the city is decided on a case by case basis by the Mayor and/or Council and ranges from a warning to a 750 coin fine to perminant exile from the city.

Section 2: building in Utopia-ville

Section 2a: Getting a free plot of land in Utopia-ville

So your a Citizen, now what? Shortly after becoming a citizen of the city, you will be shown your free 8 by 8 meter plot of land. f there is currently no land avalible you will be put on a waiting list and shown your quarter-block once a new city block is built.

Section 2b: Buying plots

So you just made an 8 by 8 meter wide skyscraper but you need a little more space for another cubical, now what? Buy another plot! all Quarter block plots of land after your first one are 15 coins each. If you want to build in Utopia-ville but you don't want to become a citizen, thats ok you may buy a plot and build with the same freedom as a citizen who got his plot for free.

Section 2c: Goverment structures and property

The Government has the athority to claim any land within the city as it's own (by decision of the Mayor.) The government will respect individual property and will give the evictee sufficient time to demolish his/her structure. Usually if the government claims land it will be in a newly constructed city block or in the immidiet(will learn correct spelling soon) area of the city.

Section 2d: Building Regulations

First off, heres a list of materials that you have to have government permission to use in construction:

Mossy cobblestone
Bedrock (DUH)
Logs (The sides of logs, not the top or bottom)

Building illumination: Citizens MUST properly illuminate the interior of anything built, exterior lighting is strongly encouraged but optional.

Skywalks: So you have 2 plots facing each other on ajacent blocks, and you want to connect them. You have 3 options, 1: just walk across the 3 wide street, 2: A skywalk 3: A tunnel. Options 1 and 2 are 100% ok, but no tunnels connecting buildings! So now your get to make a skywalk right? Not so, there are some regulations I need to lay down and here they are:

1: A skywalk must be at least 3 meters above street level
2: A skywalk must NOT contain ANY flammable materials
3: You are STRONGLY encourages to make the roof and floor out of glass
4: You may connect building ajacent to each other, but not across street junctions


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Post by RYNO73 on 11/23/2010, 5:12 pm

wow you wrote alot dude! Keep up the good work, and i got an idea too.
How about that you make a marketplace? For citizens to purchase food and materials :D.
How about hiring jobs for the town to. (Guard Merchant etc....)
Just an idea :P

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To the troll,

Post by swfan333 on 11/23/2010, 9:19 pm

Dear RYNO the Troll,

There is already a marketplace! havn't you checked out the drydocks/market? Yes, it took me quite a while to write all that. If someone want's to be a merchent, craftsmen, lumberjack, ect then they can just be one. About government jobs: there is only currently about 7 Citizens in Utopia-ville, if I hired even 2 for government jobs, that would already be a large percent of the population. AND i'm forming a council so i can't really get anyone to be a guard or whatnot. Don't you get the name? It's UTOPIA-ville not WARRING CITY-ville, so no large force of guards needed. Once I make watchtowers, it wil probably be a small force of volenteers. And i'm too poor to actually hire someone who would just go back to mining the second i log off.

I hope this answers your questions
Your Humble Mayor, swfan333

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