Job Center/Hiring Center

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Job Center/Hiring Center

Post by brandon1001 on 3/22/2011, 8:56 pm

Im gonna make this new center where this can give the new players or other players to get a job at my new center for jobs. My mall will be abandoned for later use, so it will just stand there until it's the time to rebuild it. I need you guys to list below the post and give me some ideas of jobs. i already got some ideas. The center will probably be 5x5 or maybe 9x9. The location will probably near spawn and all admins and mods r allowed to enter wen its not open yet. I might need 1 or 2 admin or mod to be security. So, if u like to be security and get paid then post below saying u want to be security. And i might need some redstone, iron blocks, wood, halfstones, signs, iron doors(about 2),bookshelves, switches, and 2 trustworthy players.



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