The Oasis Mall info

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The Oasis Mall info

Post by brandon1001 on 3/9/2011, 8:16 pm

Owner: brandon1001
Top Employees: bmrylnd5, muggysauros, j8cob, scottdogs
Open Time: Everyday
Close Time: never closes hurrey.:)
Grand Opening: until i get to play minecraft
Who are allowed in the mall when mall isn't open: ONLY the admins+owners, superadmins,artisans, and moderators.

To apply for job: email me your application to . Here is the application,

Minecraft Username:


How long do you play minecraft for:

Read These Terms and conditions so u understand the concept.Dont have to copy this reading.

Never grief. Dont lie. Dont steal. NEVER piss off the other admins of the mall(scottdogs,bmrylnd5,muggysauros,j8cob,and me(brandon1001) Or u will be fired and kicked from my mall. Do your very best.
I accept all terms and conditions(Yes or No):

More info here:

Do we use coins to buy items: No you dont. Our Mall only uses materials, not coins.

Are We safe from the mobs around the mall: Yess you are safe. Our mall will have a protective dome made of glass.

Is there a place in the mall where we can get rid of items: Yes, if u see lava then u can throw your unwanted items in there.

(this is for everyone who comes into the mall), Can we keep our weapons and armor with us: Well u can keep your armor, but u can't keep your weapons.

If u have other questions then email them to my email.


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