Revilo410 Dev Team APP

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Revilo410 Dev Team APP

Post by Revilo410 on 5/20/2012, 4:50 am

I think i posted the 1st in the wrong place so here is a copy!

Minecraft Name: revilo410

How long have you played on Oasis: about 6 months or more

Time spent per average week: at least 14 hours probably more!

Pictures of builds:

Creative: My Leisure Centre, including spleef arena, boat slides, swimming pool and ice rink
Legit: My base on another server, pure obsidian took FOREVER to mine away at and my pixel art! :)
(there is a mario box pixel art on the back but i forgot 2 screenshot)

Why should we choose you: I would love to help anything which oasis has to offer as it is such a great server, i also think that it sounds like great fun! I think that I am relatively good at building, creative and legit. I would really like to be involved! I have done some cool builds, i put up one creative and one legit with multiple views. If i could help ty, if not im sure theres a good reason so i wont really mind but it would be really nice to help out oasis.

~Revilo410 :) :)


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