New Server Rules

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New Server Rules

Post by Kevo235 on 2/13/2011, 11:07 am

I was in the "Server Info" Thread and clicked on rules out of curiousity and say that that there was the No griefing rule and another one about pillars. I thought to myself. "What happens if someone deletes the rules on the server or something, we won't have them anymore!" So I have comprised a list of rules for the server. Please copy and paste them over the old rules and make any necessary changes.

Oasis-SMP Server Rules
#1: No Griefing, We are Not Negotiating this rule at all!
#2: Do not spam or use Capital letters Excessively.
#3: Banned items are Lava Bucket, Flint & Steel, TNT, and Diamond Blocks (Grief magnet).
#4: No sprites anywhere, We mean it!
#5: Do not steal from people.
#6: Respect all Staff members, it's not that hard.
#7: Do not break lightstone, unless its yours and you placed it, if your not sure ask an admin.
#8: Murder is strictly prohibited. If someone kills you, tell an admin. If you kill them back you both may be banned.
#9: If you are in a city owned by someone else, you have to follow their rules.
#10: Do not go into other peoples houses or cities without their permission.

Failure to follow these rules may result in being kicked excessivly or perhaps a permanent ban.

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