"Him" aka "Herobrine"

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What are your opinions on Him?

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"Him" aka "Herobrine"

Post by RYNO73 on 11/24/2010, 11:02 pm

So after searching for the legendary Herobrinefor the past 6 hours i go back to my house and find this:

After this i litterally turned off my CPU and went to play Xbox Was so fucking freaked out! Thank god i bound the screenshot key as "P"
he was their for literally .6 seconds! I couldnt belive my eyes...well minecraft eyes :P.
Oh also after doing so much research on "Him" im going to upload a video on my utube channel telling the whole story behind the Legendary Herobrine. Please discuss your encounters and screenshots with me! Id love to see them and maybe the will end up in one of my videos.
Im never playing single player again..... D:.

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