Whiners and the "ME" Generation

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Whiners and the "ME" Generation

Post by acsempronio on 12/12/2011, 2:12 pm

1. First, and foremost, the risk of losing anything in your inventory can be identified by the title of the server: Oasis SMP. For the uninformed, SMP means "SURVIVAL Multi-Player"
2. If you want free stuff, you'll have to visit a FSMP server.
3. Stop expecting free stuff. You want a diamond, go mine it. You want a Diamond Sword, mine three diamonds.
4. No I will not spawn you you ANYTHING. Stop asking.
5. If a a sign says "My stuff, do not push button," and you then proceed to push the button, but then die in lava... avoid notifying anyone of this. Doing so tells everyone the following:
a. You are incapable of comprehending 4 lines or less of simple instruction.
b. You are greedy and/or a thief
c. You are a whiner.

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