FrostSpleef Spleef Tournament!

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FrostSpleef Spleef Tournament!

Post by evilmidget38 on 10/26/2011, 6:53 pm

Hello everyone, I've decided to host a huge tournament at my brand new spleef arena, FrostSpleef. There will be rewards as well as an opportunity to prove you are the master of spleef!

When: The week of U.S. Thanksgiving, November 21st-November 25th. There will be no games on Thanksgiving, and the final game will be on November 25th.
Where: FrostSpleef, a brand new spleef arena brought to you by evilmidget38 and nevermoric. /warp frostspleef(Warp pending).
Who: Absolutely anyone can sign up! However, if you wish to officiate games you must be above the rank of Trusted.
Prizes?!: At this point the prizes are not confirmed, but I think we're looking at around 20 diamonds for first place, but probably even more!

To sign up as a contestant is easy. All you need to do is follow this link and fill out the appropriate information. You will receive an email the week before the tournament to confirm. If you do not confirm before the tournament, you will be forfeited.

To sign up as on official, follow this link and once again fill out the appropriate form. You can officiate and participate in the tournament

The rules of this tournament are very simple and what you would expect for any spleef match. Violating these will mean forfeiture.
1. You may not manually activate the trap doors. They are wired to a completely functional redstone system, and there is no need for this.
2. You may not press the start button unless you are the official assigned to do so.
3. You may not use godmode in an attempt to survive falling into the lava. It is impossible to get back up without flying, and you'll forfeit the tournament.
4. You may not continue destroying blocks for the last few seconds of your life while in lava.
5. You may use any shovel that you want to, as the spleef material is snow.
6. You may not attempt to interfere with any spleef match.
7. You may not attempt to participate in any spleef match you are not assigned to be part of.

Like I said, the rules are very self-explanatory.

If you have any concerns or just want to talk about this event, feel free to post in this thread.

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