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Post by Cathald903-ToiletRollMan on 1/4/2011, 12:31 pm

I am in the middle of buildig a big learning centre for new players and one of the rooms in this building has loads of blocks in it with signs above them that say what each of them are. A griefer came into this building and took loads of my block.

He took:

1 log
1 plank of wood
1 Obsidion
1 Lightstone
1 Gravel
1 sand
1 dirt
1 leaf block
1 Gold Ore Block
1 Iron ore block
1 diamond ore block
1 coal ore block
1 redstone ore block
1 Jack-o-lantern
1 Bookcase
1 grown wheet
1 Diamond Block
1 Coal Ore
1 Bedrock
1 Cloth
1 Grass
1 Mossey Cobblestone
1 Brick
1 Smoothstone
1 sponge
1 jukebox
1 gold block
1 iron block
1 Netherstone Block
And a few cobblestone block..

I think therre might be more but there the ones that i cud count.

There is one thing i realised, That either it was a hacker or a Mod/Admin that did it. I had a block of bedrock in the building and it wasnt there today. I dont know if Vet can do it but if they can it cud hav been one of them too.

Just letting you know all the blocks in the building i had found and put there or i had bought them off saeTan. I bought the Bedrock off FinalHour!!!

Can someone plzzz giv me these blocks plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really need them!!!!

Thanks for reading this and if you think you saw or know who did this can you tell me coz theres LOADS of animals and stuff in my building now!


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