GoldMine's Two New Creations

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GoldMine's Two New Creations

Post by GoldMine on 12/27/2010, 2:34 am

Creation #1:

Hey have you notice people always needing food? No one ever has it... Well I decided to feed people's hunger by creating I think the servers first Public Farm.
. When you harvest crops replant the seeds
. Don't break the lightstone
. Lastly do not harvest everything at once.. share!

Thats basicly creation #1 and I do plan to expand on the farm, it is located next to spawn ( neat random lava pit)

Creation #2:

New Players can get annoying agreed? Well im not going to lie getting started is hard. So I decided to use the old message board (the one that had no signs) to turn it into a donation chest. The signs explain everything. You can donate items and take items you NEED. If you donate items you put a sign under the Donators sign
like this.
Donated: Stone Tools+
Rules For Chest:

. Only Take Items you NEED
. Never take everything in the chest
. Thats all I got for now :)

Hope you guys like the Idea. These are two of many things I will build.
Ps Guys the first Starter Home was created and inhabbited :)
More Starter homes to come


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Re: GoldMine's Two New Creations

Post by Racer540 on 12/27/2010, 3:26 am

Good idea man... if you need help let me know, and i will donate also.......

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