Calling all Extra Villagers

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Calling all Extra Villagers

Post by Raybiii on 4/29/2016, 10:49 pm

Are you a villager that needs a new home? are you tired of always running away form zombies?
well then do i have the place for you! This is the Oasis keys iron farm(Picture down below). Here you will get to meet so many different villagers. Did i mention that there was also crafts! here you and you villager friend will get to make your own iron golems all day and night for Free! 
So if you are just a wondering villager or you "want" to move out of your village have a player msg me so I can come and pick you up.

well the attacked picture kept getting errors so ill post them later also its only 50% done but the whole farm intotal will be 85 X 85 x 85 blocks and around 800 iron per hour should be produced.

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