GatorCo. Industrial Group

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GatorCo. Industrial Group

Post by dtfgator on 4/27/2016, 1:57 am

Some of you may remember Applied Melons Corp., which was overvalued during its IPO and failed to meet shareholder expectations. Eventually it ran out of its initial venture capital and was forced to shut its doors before it met all of its organizational goals (read: obtain 100% market share over every traded product on Oasis and abuse its monopoly status to create massive profits). 

I am happy to announce that the organizing group behind Applied Melons Corp. is back and better than ever! We have reorganized into GatorCo. Industrial Group, a multinational, cross-market firm determined to acquire assets, maximize revenues, increase efficiency, and operate with synergy across our whole line of products to meet the bare minimum of customer needs. Our newly innovative and comprehensive organizational plan triggered a second round of funding, and so here we are.

Our product innovation team is still conducting market research, so we won't be disrupting too many markets yet. But construction of our main headquarters has begun and there will be much more news to come.

CEO, CFO, CTO, CLO of GatorCo. Industrial Group LLC™ and its subsidiaries - "Our work is for the profits"™

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Re: GatorCo. Industrial Group

Post by Dr_Roboto on 4/27/2016, 9:55 pm

Oh man!
This is a wonderful business plan, and I see how it will lead to success.
I would love to help with such a project. I can supply to you, build for you, or anything else you may need. If you could, please contact me via forum message.

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