Is this a glitch?

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Is this a glitch?

Post by Jedibob26 on 3/28/2016, 11:55 am

Ok im not sure if this is a 1.9 glitch or an oasis plugin glitch just 


then when i F5'd again this happened


Just to say for those kids who think right away oh oh i can use this to xray and not use a hack client no u cant see blocks except lava in this case and the times im not sure if u can do this to see other players or open areas so im just reporting this :)

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Re: Is this a glitch?

Post by OsgaTharp on 3/28/2016, 12:02 pm

This is more of a Minecraft issue, not a plugin one. Nothing we can really do to stop it. The only thing I can say is, don't abuse it even though I don't even think it's that useful. 

Thanks for the report!


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