Unfairly muted.

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Unfairly muted.

Post by Poop0_0 on 2/12/2016, 2:55 pm

Ok so  i seen in chat that there was two greifers, and one of the mods said that if they give the items back, he would give them another chance, i just said that don't give them another chance. Once a griefer always a griefer. Then someone said not to tell staff how to do there job, and let them do their job, and i'm like i'm not, i don't want to be griefed, if you freaking steal or grief you should be banned no doubts. After a few more messages the mod muted me, and i believe it was a unfair mute. I thought this server was good, i was going to donate today, but i don't deal with grifers having second chances, and mods who unfairly mute people. And i don't deal with people who think they're in charge. So i just left the server, i was getting really good loot, i played for like 4 hours. i'm glad he unfairly muted me before i had more then 6 hours played to the server. I took screenshots of the chat, but because im a member i couldnt post links, but why do i care i quit. I honestly thought this was a good community. By oasis.

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Re: Unfairly muted.

Post by Espartemos on 2/12/2016, 3:13 pm

Two things...

A. The player you are referring to was in fact perm banned so you shouldn't be complaining about that.

B. It is obvious based on what you have said and from what I have heard from other players, that you continuously contradicted both staff and other players while they were sorting out a griefing problem. Yes, it is nice to have others opinions but there is a time and place for everything. According to the staff member and a few online players at the time you were told multiple times to stop and cool off to which you obviously ignored resulting in a mute. Along with this, you were unmuted a short while after so there really is no lasting harm (3 min according to the staff member in question).

There is really no reason that something so small warrants this, and if you are willing to give up playing on a server because staff do what they should then so be it. I just want you to know many players have come back to Oasis from bans due to griefing...Hell, we have admins and owners who admit that they too griefed on their first day or two. Oasis is all about community and that community wouldn't be as strong without the forgiving nature we have, it makes our server what it is. If you are unwilling to accept that, it's really too bad, we will miss you dearly (even though you just joined) it is never easy losing a member of the community. I truly hope you reconsider you wish to quit. If you do, please keep in mind staff do things for a reason and in most cases it is best not to interfere or contradict them while they are trying to fix things. If you feel that your opinion should be heard though, I am sure any staff member would be willing to talk to you about it once they have handled the problem.


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