Oasis Camp

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Oasis Camp

Post by HeyImLivvy on 1/15/2016, 11:33 am

I forgot if i put this idea down or not but-

I am soon going to make an Oasis Camp! It is going to have Games, Activities and even Cabins! Here is what is planned so far!


Councilors in Training (CIT):
(We need CIT's so if you want to be a CIT please reply on this post and say "CIT" to be put into the list. Then when the camp opens i will pick which one i think will make the best CITs)

1. All Oasis rules apply
2. Listen to Councilors- if you do not it will end in a permanent ban from the camp
3. CITs must follow Councilors' instructions
5. Don't get kiled
6. Bring anything extra you need

Things Needed:
One Dog (Optional if you want to bring it)

Warp Staff:

Remember, this camp won't open until probably November 2016!

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Re: Oasis Camp

Post by SilentSubscriber on 1/15/2016, 4:20 pm

XD Can i be a SIT (Servant in training) Its a CIT, but that what we called them at a camp i go to. (^v^)
I would try being on, and since this will happen next year. I'm Ready! if you need an application, pm me :D

Future SIT

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