Oasis for Noobs - (1)

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Oasis for Noobs - (1)

Post by WolfyPlaysMC on 12/28/2015, 8:03 am

Today, in the first noob post, we are going to talk about the basic rules of GREIFING.

Okay all of you minecraft Oasis noobs, here are some rules.

TNT - Disabled: Don't even try.

Breaking/Placing Blocks without permission is greifing

Placing blocks 5 blocks within someones build is greifing

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Re: Oasis for Noobs - (1)

Post by Shnoork on 12/28/2015, 9:30 am

Youre kinda just regurgitating the rules and spamming the forums there, champ.

From experience, new players dont usually frequent the forums. They come to make a member app and then they usually dont return for months.

Just an FYI is all

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