The End is not resetting

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The End is not resetting

Post by Boewee on 12/12/2015, 7:32 am

Hello to whomever may read this,

I was told that on this server The End is supposed to reset evry once in a while,  allowing evryone to fight the ender dragon. 
So, now more than a weeks ago, I ventured to the stronghold and into the End on my epic quest to defeat a dragon in Elder Scrolls style! It turned out the dragon was already defeated and so I had to wait. Later that day when I came back it indeed had reset, exactly as told, and i fought my first ender dragon and took the egg as my reward.

Today, I thought off killing myself another dragon, because I could use some exp for enchanting. But to my surprise The End doesnt seem to have been reset ever since my first fight. The exit portal was still there in the very location I had killed the dragon last time. And it even had the very same cobblestone around it I used to reach it. 

It appears to me that the process that is supposed to reset The End is not properly working and so with this post I'd like to ask if anyone would be able to look into this. 

kind regards,


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Re: The End is not resetting

Post by OsgaTharp on 12/12/2015, 11:09 am

Hey, Boewee. The end and the dragon reset have two different timers. The dragon respawns multiple times before the end's chunks will be regenerated. However, it seems like the end isn't properly regenerating if it has been weeks since the last regen. We will check it out!

UPDATE: I went ahead and forced a regeneration for the time being. The issue should be fixed by tomorrow, and you can expect the end to be regenerated periodically.


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