Boat Race / Boat City

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Boat Race / Boat City

Post by Bain on 6/21/2015, 4:22 pm

Hey Oasis, I decided to share some screenshots of some builds I've been working on. Lately, I've been building my own mini game called Boat Race. It's what you would expect, you race boats! I think the racing river is complete, but I'm trying to find ways to prevent the boats from lagging. The boats occasionally glitch or lag, but it's still playable. Around that set up, I'm going to build a city! I've already finished up a hotel, and there is a small road to get started. So, here are the screen shots. Enjoy!
Boat Race:

Boat City:

I've had tons of help with this, whether it be gathering materials, or building the actual thing. Here are the players who helped, sorry if I forgot your name. (I have bad memory :P)

I do plan to apply for a warp once this is all done! Smile

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