/warp mall is now in BUSINESS!

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/warp mall is now in BUSINESS!

Post by tjr1022 on 4/25/2015, 7:54 pm

After days of waiting, /WARP MALL IS FINALLY OPEN!

Here, you can purchase plots that are cheaper, yet smaller, than shops at /warp shop or /warp shop2.
Most plots cost 300, and it is 500 for 2 plots. One player may purchase 2 plots and 2 only.
If you advertise /warp mall at your towns warp, SHOP PLOTS ONLY COST 100 COINS!

Thank you all for reading this, and BE SURE TO VISIT /WARP MALL!

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Re: /warp mall is now in BUSINESS!

Post by Guest on 6/1/2015, 8:00 pm

Slight update:
(Going to just bump this instead of making a new thread)

Apparently I own /warp mall now, will try to keep it alive

Staff told me to put a proof of transfer here:

If anything else mall related changes I'll post an update :\

(tldr: it liiiiiiives (~.3.)~ )


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