The Return of Can Town

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The Return of Can Town

Post by Guest on 12/11/2014, 11:32 pm

Yes, Can Town is back!
Can Town 3: Prisoner of Azkaban
/warp can

screenshots of the current town:

I'll add more tomorrow, I gotta get to bed right now

Extremely brief history of can town and voltage:

I could go on forever about Can Town, but making this short as possible, I don't have a lot of time atm, and I really really wana open town tonight. Rigo, Logan, and I have been working on it this week.


Over 2 years ago,
Can Town was founded by Big_Piglet (Logan, theone who brought me to Oasis) during 1.3's map. Along with Can Town 2: Electric Boogaloo, in 1.5. After that, Logan (offline) and I earned guide (JrMod) rank alongside Jawell and Sinical, and Logan decided to cease running Can Towns.

A lot of my minecraft time up to that point had been spent building either in Can Towns, or at least near Logan's residences. I was sad when he stopped with the town, and decided to start my own. In 1.6, Voltage was born. Voltage's giant MtnDew can was inspired by Can Town, and kevo's TaB can pixelart. I featured a Can Town museum inside Voltage, using a lot of saved builds from the old towns. A little into 1.7's map, Voltage Recharged was built- full of pixelarts, tributes to players, and tons of creative builds from residents. Rather then continue running the town by myself, I had a huge amounnt of help from rigo110, and made him a town owner for 1.7.

Logan doesn't log on anymore. Reasons. [shrugs]
A few days ago, he asked me if I could build Can Town 3. [Excitement Intensified]
like 50something more screenshots of the original can town and the surrounding area:

I uploaded as imgur almbums, links lead there:


And I'm not even sure if this was part of town but it was right next to it so YAY

Town Features and Stuff:
-Free Food chests to the right of spawn, full of baked potatoes and carrots
-Anyone can build here, no building rank restrictions.
-PUBLIC FARMS: snow, ice, wheat, potato, carrot, mycel (approved), cacti, netherwart, sugar cane, melon, and pumpkin. Skyscraper full of farms.
-Cow Farm for Member rank and higher (had some greif issues, so guests cannot access it for the moment)
-Skele grinder. The spawner was found legit, in a mineshaft right under town spawn. Please do not afk in it.
-Enchant, Anvils, Furnaces, Brewstands, lapis shop -- /warp enchant, or take the tp pad from town spawn
-Streetlamps turn on at night only (thanks madsci for help with those)
-Public Mines -- there's a hut southwest of spawn with two tp pads. One leads to a shaft, the other to a small mining base near y level 12. When the areas get ugly, I'll relocate the bases.
-Near an IceSpike Biome (a good thousand blocks away from IceSpike portal). You will see snow fall, but it will not hinder your builds or gather on the ground.
-Mobs are on, unlike Voltage. This is survival, the original Can Town was built in survival.
-Tree farm (Oak Spruce Jungle and Birch)
-We have an offsite villager village, Can Villa, located near the plains. Village has been remodeled and protected, it is reachable from Can Town via Tpblock. Accessible to [member] and higher.
-There are Pixelart TurtwigMountains as town walls. We have a large amount of land claimed and free to build on within town. The walls' purpose is to prevent neighboring towns from expanding into us.
-Some past builds from Voltages and Can Towns have been added, and some upgraded! Rainbow Factory (/warp rfac, built 1.4 and rebuilt/revamped in 1.7), Blunana (from 1.7), Kevo's TaB Can (from 1.3 and 1.5), MtnDewVoltage Can (from 1.7), Ban Land (/warp BanLand, from 1.6 and 1.7)
-Sheep Farm: Every color, sheering only.
-Mini-shop plots available in the main shop building left of spawn, "/mail send Lina_" if interested in claiming one
-Minecart track: visits various areas of town, stations and expansions in progress.

Largely based off the original Can Town's rules, and spruced up by Logan:
-All Oasis Rules Apply
-Freebuild (No plots, but some roads are laid out) just be respectful to others' builds and stuff
-Don't ugly the river, but you may build pretty bridges over it
-No permission is needed to build here, Unless you need a tooon of land for a huge project
-Please don't afk in the skele grinder, lags server (This goes for any mob farm on server really)
-You can make roads and connect to them, just don't eat the streetlamps

What does this mean for Voltage?
Voltage was inspired by Can Town; something for me to fill the void with when Logan stopped running the town. Voltage always had a Can Town museum in it for that reason.
Basically, the towns have flipped priority now. Can is now the main town again, and Voltage will have it's own little museum section. I will eventually bring back my giant voltage can and find a place for it, along with adding some old Voltage builds and icons (Cheer's trailer, some statues, a shop district, etc).

Current Town Staff
Founder: Big_Piglet
Owners: LinaVoltage and Rigo110
ShineSprites: M_Tuathach, Bootiful_Steve
Spirits: Momogowi, Woohoo_dude22
Town Rank Descriptions:

Owner: We own the town
-Setting/Enforcing/Changing rules
-Town Project Management
-Bestowing town ranks and responsibilities
-Build and maintain most town facilities
-Aid in any of ShineSprites' duties
-Find ways to improve town
-Town updates thread

ShineSprite: Players who take a very active roll in town. Sort of like "co-owner"
-Run main town facility(ies)
-Stock Free Food chests daily
-Town Project Sub-Management
-Grief Patrol
-Build and maintain some town facilities
-Find ways to improve town
-Town updates thread

Spirit: We lov u
-be inspiring
-be you
-u can halp wherever you want but not required

*I will be reaching out to old Can Town residents who helped lay foundations and run one or both towns alongside Logan. If these people wish to be an Owner, they will be added.*

Banned from town::

doggreen: griefing rampage. ([Note]: Whoviangurl's forum account is "doggreen", but her brother uses the MC account named doggreen. Whoviangurl is not banned from town.)
DarkBloodIX: griefing rampage.
kkamrul: griefing Can Villa's farms several times
dustyjrpizza22: Griefing, break-ins, and theft of momogowi's skull

-Stay tuned for updates-
-Last Updated: 2/23/2015-

Last edited by Lina on 2/23/2015, 12:51 am; edited 12 times in total (Reason for editing : updates - still have more to add though, will add later this week)


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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Cheerioes on 12/12/2014, 10:16 am

What if I said

Inconspicuous Offices are coming back

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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Shnoork on 12/12/2014, 2:55 pm

Glad to hear of Can Towns return! I think I might just go through a few hours of fiddling with my brilliant computer and perhaps visit.

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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Grimtongue on 12/16/2014, 10:27 am

Yay for Can Town!

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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Cupcake on 12/16/2014, 1:57 pm

Grimtongue wrote:Yay for Can Town!


this is Magical.... Seriously <3 XD

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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Guest on 12/19/2014, 6:56 pm

My tempjob is over, so I'll have way more free time now to add things to town . Plus the wonderful help from rigo, and my cousin will be helping soon too.


-lots more screenshots added to the original post up there
-The TaB can is back!
-tree farm added, for oak spruce jungle and birch.
-Rainbow Factory museum is back (Facility 1.7) /warp rfac
-Dungeon of Bans (from 1.6) is back /warp banland
-cow farm!
-there's a dynamap screenshot of town included in original post now

-Enchant area's anvils were unusable. They are usable now.
-Added workbenches to enchant area

Coming Soon:
-dark oak and acacia farms
-more animal farms
-mushroom farm
-mini-shop district
-underground stuff (dungeons, mazes, easter eggs, etc)
-Player Jail, with seats for spectators

General News:
Can has a few residents with houses now, including a private pen for a sheep family (J.w.)J


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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Keichi on 1/2/2015, 6:14 pm

Hi .v. Lina letting me do the updates this time

-Free Food Chests! All you can eat
-enchant area- added more anvils, info board on lower level, brew stands, lapis shop, and furnaces
-MountainDewVoltage Can has returned! (from Voltage 1.7)
-Blunana build area has had several expansions and revamps
-Can Villa! A rebuilt/restored village in the plains, protected and full of villagers for trade. It is accessible from Can Town via tpblock
-Cow farm! Due to grief issues, only [Member] and higher has access to this for now.
-Town rank descript added to thread
-dynmap screenshot updated
-Grinder revamped, works better now
-oak trees moved to top level of farm because they like the eat ceilings o'^'o
-M_Tuathach is ShineSprite now

Comming soon:
-Another Cow Farm, for all ranks
-Public sheep farm (Sheering Only)
-Some other projects Town Owners and Spirit are working on
-mini shop district (land has been set aside for this now)
-more organization in spawn and facilites, for easier/faster navigation
-some other things I can't remember right now

General News:
Some paintings were stolen but they are fixed now
A few more residents moved in and built pretty things .v.
Turtwig bro guy built a giant Lenny Face pixel art, it is shiney .o.

Have a nice day .v.

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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Guest on 1/2/2015, 6:14 pm

I don't know why it was locked to begin with, but I guess I'll keep it that way and just open when updated.

Ty Mallory (J.3.)J

Added links ot 2 albums with a total of 50+ screenshots of the original can town from 1.3 (J;w;)J


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Re: The Return of Can Town

Post by Guest on 2/23/2015, 12:39 am

Can Town Updates - Feb 22nd 2015

-With Keichi moved to shopworld and me having more college work then usual now, it's been difficult to keep Can's old shop building stocked. The building is now a place for people to claim mini-shop plots. Plots are free, but the entire building is protected to prevent griefing - please "/mail send Lina_ [insert msg about mini shop here]" if interested in a mini shop. Plots are smaller then shopworld (for a reason). We may expand the building in the future, but for now it's first-come-first-serve for claiming plots.

-There is a town-banned player board. Unfortunately, this became necessary due to a massive amount of Can Town griefing this week. The list of players is extremely difficult to miss near spawn. I have mailed all effected players already. I will also include a banned player list in the main town thread post above.

-Minecart Train Tracks (J.3.)J

-Giant Box of Jails - working on a few player jails for fun, going to build a pixelart flat on the roof to make it less ugly on dynamap

-A semi-auto carrot farm was added underground for town staff, solely to help stock the free food chests.

-Sheep farm - every color, sheering only

-[Townstaff changes] M_Tuathach's name is Keichi now, still a ShineSprite. Bootiful_Steve is now a town ShineSprite.

-Streetlamps have been replaced with a much less laggy lamp. Smaller, and the light source is closer to the ground.

-CanVilla (off-site village) has been locked to [member] due to repeated griefing

-Spawn Layout changed - Rule board is the first thing you see going forward. Back exit is no longer accessible. Food chest area requires you to pass/see the rule before entering.Shop entry has not changed. This change will hopefully encourage people to read the rules.

-Updates to BanLand
-Steve is working on a section for plots - to offer people the option of free build or plots (both free)
-Relocate sheep farm farther from spawn, in sections
-Moar cowfarm
-Dynmap screenshot update
-Shrine built to honor various wonderful things (Sheep, Lord Helix, Jan Brady, Etc)
-Bootiful_Steve needs a statue near blunana
-A graveyard will be built for all to add to, and will be named after izumi4kona. #RestInPeaceIzumi
-Some places will not let you board train tracks due to protection regions. These regions will be fixed to allow vehicle placements.
-TownFeatures and other aspects of the main post need to be updated


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