Regarding lost horses at /warp racehorse

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Regarding lost horses at /warp racehorse

Post by ThunderHorse on 10/5/2014, 6:51 pm

After looking at how many horses owned by players there are just in the lost and found horse pen, I have made the decision to move all loose horses to a holding pen at horsetown  (you can warp there or follow the road to the left of racehorse spawn after the bridge). This means the lost and found pen is being removed and all horses owned by non-warp staff will be moved to horsetown to reduce animal lag as the lag caused by the hundreds of horses really interferes with tournaments.

Also I would like to point out that with the 8 warp admins, they can make decisions like putting a horse in a holding pen if there is a good reason (IHasADerp has already done what needed to be done with a situation of un-authorized stable claiming so good job derp)

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