New stables at racehorse: custom stables

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New stables at racehorse: custom stables

Post by ThunderHorse on 6/29/2014, 9:34 pm

Ok after going through all the stables at racehorse i have noticed there needs to be more stables and more variety so i have come up with an idea to fix this issue: custom stables

These are custom stables that I will build for a price of 200 coins. But these stables you control what color they are, which means you get to choose the color of clay used for the stable and you will also get to choose your flooring as well. These stables are a total of 6-6 with a 4-4 insides and will include 2 iron doors for added protection and you get to choose what you window is (iron bars, regular or netherbrick fences or glass). I will permit you to customize the inside of your stable as much as you want. These stables will also feature an escape back door (please don't lock these) in case you glitch into another stable.

If you would like one of these message me in-game  or if i'm offline send me some mail and pay me before i start to build 

I hope you guys enjoy

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