New Warp Idea

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New Warp Idea

Post by BuzzMango210 on 4/4/2014, 2:58 pm

Hey Guys!

This somewhat goes along with what a recently posted last night, about building a large Ender Dragon. I have been making some heavy discussions with SonicKiwi123 about the idea itself. Eventually, we came to a point where the idea of a new warp popped up; PixelMania! Basically, PixelMania's sole purpose is to serve as a large "showroom" road, for lack of a better word. Players of any kind would confront either SonicKiwi123 or myself in order for the permissions to build and show off their pixel art skills. One may consider it a town, because the same rules apply. The only difference is, the builds are to be strictly pixel art only. Hence, the idea of PixelMania was born. I still need to find and flatten out a VERY large portion of land in order to start this showroom warp. and I know what you're thinking- "this belongs in the warp application" or "oh, you posted it in the wrong place!" Well, no, this isn't a warp application, it's rather just the spark of a new idea for all to see. Possibly, I may end up creating my Ender Dragon in PixelMania once, IF, it is to become a reality and a true warp. As of right now, Sonic and I are currently in the prototype, beta, etc. stage of the land itself on a close friend's server. Once the idea is fully formed and "blueprints" are completed, we will begin construction in a brand new location somewhere in Oasis. I look forward to showing you guys the final product! I'll get back about it when I can!


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