Rule changes for /warp racehorse

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Rule changes for /warp racehorse

Post by ThunderHorse on 3/7/2014, 12:53 pm

Ok i have lately been having issues with tons of rules being broken at racehorse like people claiming the red stables which i originally had for Tournament winners to store their horses in a better stable and claiming more them 1 stable and its getting very annoying so i am making changes to the rules

1st off you can now store your horses in the red stables however you HAVE TO BUY IT or i will have your horses moved to one of the free stables and staff might be notified depending on the circumstances. If you buy a red stable you do not have to pay the rent on it since you own it (If you own one of the mossy stone brick stables you now have to pay 50 coins monthly for it cause those are the stables for rent) 

Next up there has been a massive problem with you guys claiming more then 1 stable so as of now if I find you have more then 1 stable all your horses will be removed from the area and sent to your house and will not be allowed back even for tournaments 

Also please DO NOT LEAVE your horses tied up to the fences behind the bleachers, those fences are there for those waiting to race not to store your horses. I know this sounds dumb but its not acceptable i have been having these horse take lots of damage from players hitting them and i have to constantly heal them so if i find any horse tied up i will not ask who's it is and i will have it stored in a free stable or removed from the area  

Now when i get online later today i will be building Blue Stables, those are the VIP stables. You ARE NOT TO CLAIM THEM at all if you do i will ban you from all tournaments and have your horses removed and staff will be notified! These blue stables are reserved for only My good friends on the server and can only claim one if i say you earned one. If i find anyone claiming a VIP stable without my permission staff will ALWAYS be notified and you will banned from even watching the races. You cannot buy a blue stable i award them to those who i feel deserve a VIP stable. If you receive one and choose not to accept it that is fine as long as you notify me and you cannot give it to anybody without my consent. 

While i am posting this is will also point out the new features at the warp. I have added a board next to the obsidian "room" that has a book in it, this book list the prizes for the next months tournament. If you wish to read this let me know in-game and i will get it out for you to read. Also i have new 2 brand new tracks and a new horse breeding area (look right once you arrive at the track warp)

Now i am going to be a lot more serious about these rules cause the rules are being broken every day and I'm getting really tired of having to deal with it so do not break the rules. This applies to EVERYONE

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