New plugin idea

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New plugin idea

Post by ThunderHorse on 1/27/2014, 12:05 am

I mentioned to Lina earlier after i found out someone tamed the horses i had for sale and i had to butcher them that the portable horse plugin had a way to check a horses stats and apparently that is not the case (the saddle still works but it said there was another way to check stats)  So i did a little research after logging off and turns out that is a different plugin. So here is what i can find  

This plugin allows you to see a horses stats by punching it while equipped on a lead and you see all stats. It might be useful so if a player wants to buy a horse from another player they can see the stats before deciding if they want it or not. Cause if they tame it and decide they don't want it then they have to butcher the animal since it is useless to the owner and nobody will be able to ride the horse. I think it may be useful in the future. 

What do you guys think should we add it?

Heres the link:

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Re: New plugin idea

Post by Paxination on 1/27/2014, 2:40 pm

I could quite easily add this. But I havent even looked at the Bukkit API for horses in a while and definitely not the stats! I'll take a look tonight.

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