Changing Nametag color but not team? - The spy class

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Changing Nametag color but not team? - The spy class

Post by brickhunter1 on 5/16/2013, 5:14 pm

So, I'm working on a Team Fortress 2 map and I'm having a lot of problems with figuring out how to do the 'spy' class. The spy can go invisible, which is easy, but he can also disguise as the other team. Now, if I want to utilize the team colors option in the scoreboard, this would also change the color of the name right above the player's team. As you can tell, this would make it very difficult for the spy to move among the other team, even if he has the armor color of the opposite team his name would still be the color of his own team. Any thoughts? Or is this simply impossible and I should just not use team colors?

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