I am Back

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I am Back

Post by lordgonk on 2/4/2013, 7:00 pm

Hello, I was gone for a whole 3 days, lol. It felt like a week though, not because I missed you guys, I kinda did at night but because I had a fricken great weekend. My apologies to my PvP partners for not letting you know, I look forward to seeing base again. So, I headed up to Vermont to ski at Killington and Okemo with my schools ski club. I had a great time and ran into a pole. Killington was icy as shit sadly but Okemo rocked.
Here's the damned pole story. So I'm skiing, and there's a person on both sides of me. I headed towards a pole and the person on my left turns just as I turn to move away from the pole. I have to turn sharply and lose my edge on the ice. I turn right at the pole after losing a ski and my ski pole gets stuck between me and the pole, bending it in half. As for me, I fall and roll in a 2 foot ditch in which the padding ends. I hit the damn metal and my helmet smashes again the pole. I only have a bruise there now but thank god I wore that thing. Oh, by pole I mean a ski lift support that hold the wires, ya, those things.

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