A Very Solid Realisation

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A Very Solid Realisation

Post by dylstrosity2 on 12/19/2012, 8:43 pm

Hey guys

After nearly a 2 week temp ban, I have realized the server is an amazing serve, that I acually can't replace. I tried finding a temp server but they all sucked. 2 weeks in-game doesn't sound like a lot, but out of game, is ages! I am really looking forward to seeing you in 3 days time and I doubt I will be going back into PvP world again. I'm really really sorry about what happend and I don't want to be doing it again. I deleted the X-ray texture pack (I only ever used it once on a different server) I used & I now have a fresh jar. No optifine, Reis minimap or TMI.

See you all soon, I hope you forgive me,

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