My take on the Oasis Economy

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My take on the Oasis Economy

Post by OsgaTharp on 10/5/2012, 11:32 am

I am making this because there has been a lot of discussion about the admin shop and what to do with the current economy. First off, Id like to stress that I'm not economist major nor am I going to pretend I am. Ive put a lot of thought into this and I'd like some feedback. Ive narrowed what could be done into five major possibilities.

1. Bring back Admin Shop
Pros: People make more money
Little to no work
Cons: Further Bloats the economy
No consumer control

2. No Admin Shop
Pros: Consumer Control
Cons: Current rich players have a hold on the economy. This involves undercutting and monopolizing.

3. Coin reset and Admin Shop
Pros: Just like the good ol' days. People race to the top and being the best is within reach of the common player.
Time to alter admin shop prices. (With mcmmo, the drop of diamonds and ores has been raised and should be taken into consideration.)
Cons: Just delaying the current problem. We will be back here in a few months.
Upset people due to their lose of money.

4. Coin reset and No Admin Shop
Pros: Consumer control
The common player can be at the top
Cons: How do we have a flow of coins to allow people to have money?

5. Coin reset, No admin shop, Money insertion by Core shops
--Before I get to the pros and cons I would like to explain what I mean with the Core shops. As seen by the cons of the coin reset and no admin shops, we have no way to keep a flow of money to the players in the server. The core shops would be almost like an admin shop but owned by a player or staff. He or she would have maybe 100,000 coins and would make a shop to compete with other core shop owners. They dont compete to make money, but to have checks and balences on each other. They will not have the goal to make money, but to adjust their prices so the economy doesnt go downhill. The flaw with the admin shop is that its infinate money, no control. With this system, staff could assign a certain amount of money that the server will have. (If theres any questions then ask me about this!)

Pros: Control over money
Selling spawned items can be detected
Still allows consumers to make their own shops to compete with the core shops (If they can have the coin upkeep to maintain it)

Cons: Depends on the lack of greed of core shop owners
Time to set up
New idea and may have holes in the system

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Re: My take on the Oasis Economy

Post by Linkinparkey on 10/5/2012, 12:07 pm

Could u move this to my thread so we can keep all the admin shop discussion in 1 place? =)

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